SovaAg.com was created to help highlight Agritourism opportunities in Southern Virginia and connect local family farms with the community at large. Agritourism is where Virginia’s top two industries of agriculture and tourism intersect, as farms offer fun and educational experiences to community members, providing them opportunities to get outdoors and be physically active, while learning about agriculture, seeing where their food comes from, and enjoying a variety of authentic farm experiences. Our region has a rich agriculture heritage and is home to many family farms producing fresh foods right in our own backyards. There is an obvious need to connect these farmers with the community members who need access to the foods they are producing, as well as a need for nutrition education and local food systems to help improve the health of residents in the area. Check out our directory page to find a great Agritourism opportunity in your own backyard!


The Southern Virginia Agricultural Experience is a collaborative effort made up of Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension Agents from Pittsylvania County, Halifax County, and Campbell County. Ashley Nauta, Livvy Preisser, & Jamie Stowe were brought on in 2014/2015 to lead the team and help provide area farmers with the tools necessary to promote their businesses and increase awareness of fresh, healthy, locally produced food, and fun outdoor family experiences. With a special focus in Ag Marketing/Agritourism, our team is passionate about making the public aware of all the amazing farmers that call Southern Virginia home.

Get Involved

We’ve got a lot of great stuff planned this year and hope to get even more community involvement as we continue to move forward. We have events going on throughout the year, so be sure to check out our Events Page to keep up to date on everything that’s going on. Educational opportunities are offered for community members on the agricultural operations and efforts that go into producing local foods and offering local Agritourism experiences. Topics have included “Beer: Hops Production and Brewing”, “Wine: Trellising, Pruning and Wine Making”, “Honey: Bee Keeping Basics” and “Meats: Selection and Preparation of Different Cuts”.

If you’re interested in registering as an Agritourism location or have questions about anything on the site, please email aswolfe@vt.edu

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Other Resources

We work closely with the Virginia Cooperative Extension, Danville Regional Foundation, and other organizations to provide resources to Virginia farmers and the community at large. Check out the following organizations to find out more about great programs in your area.

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